Site audit

Accurrate analyze of your site

In general, auditing is the next step after keyword analysis. The goal is to make sure that your site meets the relevancy criteria of Google and other search engines. For example, if a site contains only images and no text, Google will not be able to understand what is the site because it is not able to understand the images. The site will have so much more trouble to be well positioned in Google's index, and this is the first point that we will advocate to correct.

However, it is not only this criterion to ensure that a site is optimized for engines of research. There are dozens! In the site audit, we check each criterion one by one of relevance, and we bring you personalized advice to make your site as optimized as possible.

In concrete terms, what does a site audit look like?

This is a word document, which contains between 20 and 60 pages for the largest audits. This document advises you on changes to make your site has more visibility on the internet. The document is very precise, and does not just give you general advice "boats", such as "heal your presence on social networks" or "create a file sitemaps". Indeed, for these two specific examples, we will tell you exactly what to do on social networks, how to communicate, what kind of publications are expected by your users. For the sitemaps file, we will create it for you and you will only have to put it online, following the procedure that we will indicate to you. Our audits are therefore very precise, and easy to set up thanks to the many explanations!