Search for the best keywords

A capital step: the choice of keywords

Many e-merchants lost time and money because they wanted to have visibility on words irrelevant keys. Indeed, it is not enough to be positioned on keywords highly sought after by Internet users. Must be positioned on keywords that bring conversions.

A conversion example

Here is an example to be clearer: you have an e-commerce site in the sale of pet accessories. Being placed first on Google on a request of the type "advice for training dog" will certainly bring you some number of visitors per day, however these visitors will not become customers because they will leave your site after read your advice to train their dog.

Thus, it is better to be positioned on "dog collar purchase" rather than "dog training board" because the first query will bring you conversions, unlike the second. However, if we look at the numbers, there are more requests for dressage tips only for dog collars. So you have to do a real analysis of the keywords, and not just the sort by number of monthly searches!

A work method tested and approved

Thanks to powerful tools and our experience, we analyze the following points:
  • Number of searches per month of the keyword
  • Periodicity of the keyword (is the keyword more searched at certain times of the year, for example at Christmas?)
  • Keyword competition: is it difficult to achieve good Google positioning on this keyword? How much work will this require?
  • In relation to your industry, will this keyword bring you a lot of conversions?

Based on these keywords, we can then advise you to focus on a particular product, this or that page. Finally, if we are also the provider that we are concerned with giving you visibility, we will work in such a way as to bring out your site on Google for the most profitable keywords for you.