Natural SEO

SEO that we propose

There are several methods for positioning a site on search engines. Only their efficiencies are not all equivalent. You can:
  • do natural referencing
  • do paid referencing
  • social referencing

These methods will not cost you the same money or the same results.

Market Consulting proposes to work referencing your website in a natural way. it means that it simulates a natural referencing as Google means. Search engine rules are respected and this allows your site to be well positioned in the long term for reduced costs.

Indeed, it is logical that Google favors sites with such referencing because it means for him that your SEO has not been worked by an external provider. Thus, he thinks that these are only users for the links for example and will therefore make sure to position your site on the best keywords.


To work on your SEO, you have to rely on Google ranking criteria and search engines more generally. For this, we adapt our service to each client in order to to best meet the demand. We mainly work the detailed services on our site, namely: