Paid SEO

SEO offered by search engines

You've probably heard of the Google service called Google Adword. It's aboutof the search engine service allowing a website to be positioned at the very top ofpage in the "partner sites" section. The service seems at first sight very effective since it positions you above the siteshaving a natural SEO worked. Only you will see that everything is not so simple ...

Effective but paying

First of all, the service is obviously paying. Prices are variable and depend on the competition existing on the keywords where you want to place yourself. Indeed, the system works by auction. That is, the webmaster of the site using Google's service go to the page of this one where he discovers the offer to be positioned on the keywords. The principle is simple, the customer who pays the biggest sum wins the auction and will be placed in first place.

If you are interested in this service, please note that the amount of money you offer at auction corresponds to the amount you will be charged for each visitor's click. So, if your site uses keywords very competitive, rates can reach 20euros per click for example.

A service that does not affect all users

You should also know that if you pay for this service, you will not be interested in anyone typing the keywords that you wish. Indeed, firstly it is obvious that you will appear only at the top of the page on the engine of Google search. Then, more and more users of internet browsers add extensions to block ads appearing on different web pages. The fact is that some of these extensions, also block the "partner sites" section displayed on the search engine.

Thus, using this service can be simple and quick at first, but depending on the sector of activity this will not necessarily be profitable in the long run and will certainly be costly.