Our prices

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We carry out our SEO services according to the following model:

  • We perform an audit of your site, which we charge 60 € HT per hour (average price of an audit: 300 € HT for one small site, 600 € HT for a medium site, and more for a large site)
  • We make classic links from partner sites that we charge 15 € HT
  • We set up links from authority sites that we charge 50 € HT
  • We analyze the results of the current service every month in order to adapt it to the request. During this analysis, we readjust the service according to the results obtained, we decide to work more or less such key word, we make ourselves available to answer the questions and we realize a report of result. This work corresponds to what we call in our packages: the hour of consulting , invoiced 60 € HT, during each month of service.
    It is of course possible not to pay this consulting time, if you give us a list of URLs and anchors, and we just realize the links without analyzing the results.
  • We also offer training . This usually involves training the webmaster or the communication officer, so that you can then work on your SEO internally. The individual training hour is sold 100 € HT. The training day (7 hours) is sold 500 € HT.

Our offers

As a reminder, our offers are studied on a case by case basis. Once you have made contact with us, we will offer you several different offers.

Here are some examples expressed on average per month:

Small site 352€/m

  • 7h Audit the 1st month
  • 15 links the 2nd month
  • 1h consulting
  • Two-month benefit

Large site528€/m

  • 15h Audit the 1st month
  • 25 links of Netlinking for the next 4 months
  • 1h consulting
  • Five-month benefit

Large site - Competitive area818€/m

  • 15h Audit the 1st month
  • 136 links from Netlinking: see details
  • 1h consulting
  • Five-months of services

The delivery of Netlinking takes four months to reach the total number of 136 links. In this formula we also differentiate the classic links of authority links. If you want more information about these notions you can visit our explanatory page .
The number of links indicated in the formula is the average of links per month but the sequence is precisely the following:
- the second month we perform 20 classic links and 4 authority links
- the third month we perform 30 classic links and 6 authority links
- the fourth and the fifth month we perform 30 classic links and 8 authority links