Tips and optimizations to launch a website

First step for your launch

You want to launch your website which aims to increase the visibility of your company and bring you new customers?
This is an e-commerce site or a showcase site?
Sachez qu'il vous faut préparer le référencement de votre site dès la conception de celui-ci et dès son lancement.

We assist you from the conception of the site

By working in collaboration with the site creation agency or with your webmaster, we optimize the site from the design phase and propose a follow-up to act as best as it was created. This will require less work and will also cost you less than optimizing the site after its creation.
In addition, having a site optimized at launch allows you to gain valuable weeks during the work of SEO. Indeed, the search engines have a strong inertia, that is to say that the SEO work done on the site will only be visible after 3 to 5 weeks.

Your website is already online?

If your site is already launched, we analyze it carefully to propose the most appropriate modifications to perform to obtain more visibility on the internet. This is the performance Audit de site. Do not hesitate to consult the dedicated page.