Social SEO

The Social aspect of your SEO

Social SEO is about using social networks to increase the traffic of visitors. This is a relatively popular strategy of search engines and particularly by Google, which favors websites that partially integrate this strategy.

This is a type of referencing that we practice on customer request. You will find below, an explanation of what it consists of.


Concretely this type of referencing is to increase its presence on social networks. For this, we must act in several stages. First, integrate the sharing buttons of different social networks seems to be a good solution (especially for Google which considers that you are contributing to the development of its social network "Google Plus" that struggles to convince Internet users).
Then you can also put buttons that send back directly to pages on social networks created beforehand.
Finally, you can create contest type events for your visitors, for example. talk about you on different social platforms and links to your site as well as the number of visits will increase following.
Of course, social referencing is not just about the information above but that should give you an idea of ​​what it represents.