Netlinking service

Why create links ?

The links that point to a site are the biggest factor that will make a site stand out in good position on Google or not. Indeed, every link made to your site is counted by Google as a vote for your site. Have a lot of links pointing to you tells Google that many other webmasters have found your site relevant.

We could of course expect to receive links, 100% natural way, as advocated by Google. However, on the one hand you will not be able to have links of Net surfers as long as your site is not known, on the other hand only very few Internet users make links to sites that they like. It is so much faster and efficient to make links even.

How is the service of netlinking?

Existing netlinking analysis

First, we analyze the netlinking existing on your site, ie what are the types of links which point to your site, and in what quantity. For this, we use specific tools such as We then list your links, analyzing the types of links (does the link come from a directory, a forum, a blog, a "partner" page of a site?)

Netlinking strategy choice

Depending on the history of the site, the competition of your sector of activity, we will define a netlinking strategy. This strategy could be for example to achieve 20 links per month for 4 months. These The links would be distributed as follows:

  • 3 links from directories,
  • 5 links from partner sites,
  • 5 links from forums,
  • 5 links from blogs,
  • 2 links from sites that publish articles.

Achievement of links

All links are made manually, by employees of our company, based in France. No netlinking benefits are outsourced to Senegal or Madagascar. No link is created automatically by black hat SEO software. Indeed, if we outsource netlinking in a country where labor is less dear, the links made would be of less good quality. So, our subcontractor who we would make a link on a forum more likely to be moderate its link (especially because of a French not perfect and because he is not used to frequent the French forums). Thus, 50% of links made by offshore contractors are moderate after a few days, against only 10% for links made by ourselves.

Double for more efficiency?

One could then say that it would be enough to order the double of links to an offshore subcontractor to resolve this problem. However, it does not work that way. Google constantly crawl internet pages and forums. Every link that is made can be seen and counted by Google's robots (the crawlers). If the link is removed a few days later, this is considered by Google as very negative: either it was an unwanted link (link advertising by example) that was removed by the webmaster as soon as he realized this spam, the site in question became worse and the webmaster decided to remove the link. In any case, the removal of a link causes the linked site to lose points. It's better not to have links at all, rather than create and remove it 3 days later. That's why outsourced netlinking benefits are worse than live netlinking benefits.

Outsourcing, however, can do excellent work in other sectors, such as Content writing optimized for SEO, or development.

Automation: a good thing?

The problem is the same for the creation of links in an automated way, with black software hat such as scrapebox or sick submitter. 90% of links created with this type of software are removed a few days after their creations.

We are not saying that the use of outsourcing for the creation of links, or the use of black hat software is to be banned totally, however these methods are not recommended if you want to get long-term visit with your website.